Whether you're a business or not-for-profit organisation, you need to attract and retain supporters (be it customers, clients or funders), and a carefully-considered, professional visual identity plays a vital role.

Your visual identity by no means tells the whole story of course - it's just one element of your overall brand - but it's often the first thing someone experiences of you and can make an immediate and lasting impression.

I specialise in creating professional and meaningful visual identities, beginning with a logo, colour palette and typefaces, moving through to business stationery, social media graphics, promotional materials and almost anything else you need. (I'm not a web designer, but can work alongside a web designer to ensure that visual consistency is achieved.)

This process involves delving beneath the surface of your organisation and finding out what makes it tick, taking on board any ideas or strong preferences you might have, then developing a range of concepts that truly reflects your organisation's unique qualities.

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