Logo packages for start-ups

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Local charity SLATE required a range of materials for their inaugural vintage fair in September 2013, which went so well they repeated it in June 2014. 


As well as creating the overall look for the event, I produced posters, postcards, banners, a menu, signage and social media banners,


I also supplied SLATE with a branded Word template for any last-minute materials produced in-house.

Creating a look for event publicity and materials is much like tackling a mini branding project. It's all about capturing the spirit of the event and successfully replicating it across a range of media, from small and large format print, to social media platforms.


A Match Made in 1985


A recent wedding invitation created for friends.

Twice-Baked was the result of a degree brief to create a book.


As a keen baker I chose to base my book around baking.


Far from a traditional baking book, it features everything from baked homages to Antony Gormley, to a list of very surprising things you can do with hundreds and thousands (if you really put your mind to it).


You can view the full book here